ORDS 17.3 Beta - Introducing REST enabled SQL

DownloadGot get it on the normal ORDS download pagehttp://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/rest-data-services/downloads/index.htmlVersioning First and most obvious is ORDS is now on the same versioning scheme as SQL Developer, SQLcl and Oracle Cloud.  That is <year>.<quarter>.<patch> and the same tail we've always had which is <julian day>.<HH24>.<MI>.  That makes this beta ords. On to the features.REST... [Read More]

Profiling a Java + JDBC Application

NetBeansFirst, there's NO Java coding needed nor Java source code needed to profile a Java program this way.  NetBeans added this a while back up I just found it recently.  The ability to attach to any Java program and profile the SQL going across JDBC. The dev team's blog on... [Read More]

SQLcl 17.2

New Versioning SchemeStarting with this release the numbering scheme is changed.  All releases will now be the YEAR<period>Quarter<period>build numbers.So the new SQLcl is  Breaking that down. 17   - Year2     - Quarter0     -  Patch number184 - Day in Julian0917 - hour and minute the build was... [Read More]

Parameterizing Jmeter for testing APEX

A while ago we needed to stress a system by using the APEX Brookstrut demo application.  The obvious choice for this was Jmeter.  How to setup Jmeter to record web traffic by becoming a web proxy is very known and well written process.  Anyone that hasn't seen it, check this... [Read More]

Oracle REST Data Services and Docker

TL;DR1) check out https://github.com/krisrice/docker-ords-sqlcl-apex2) Download ORDS , SQLcl; optionally APEX3) Build w/DB connection detailsdocker build -t krisrice/ords:3.0.10 --build-arg DBHOST= --build-arg DBSERVICE=orcl --build-arg DBPORT=1521 --build-arg DBPASSWD=oracle .4) Run the imagedocker run -d -p 8888:8888 -p 8443:8443 --name=ords krisrice/ords:3.0.105) Access https://localhost:8433/ords/apexGitHub ProjectI started a spot in github for me to adjust a docker... [Read More]