Demo App for REST enabled SQL

Getting Started The new Oracle REST Data Services SQL over REST.  How to enable that is on my last blog post here: ExamplesThe simplest way to test this new feature out is with a curl command sending over the SQL.$ curl -X "POST" "http://localhost:9090/ords/hr/_/sql" \ -H "Content-Type: application/sql" \ -u HR:oracle... [Read More]

ORDS 17.3 Beta - Introducing REST enabled SQL

DownloadGot get it on the normal ORDS download page First and most obvious is ORDS is now on the same versioning scheme as SQL Developer, SQLcl and Oracle Cloud.  That is <year>.<quarter>.<patch> and the same tail we've always had which is <julian day>.<HH24>.<MI>.  That makes this beta On to the features.REST... [Read More]

Profiling a Java + JDBC Application

NetBeansFirst, there's NO Java coding needed nor Java source code needed to profile a Java program this way.  NetBeans added this a while back up I just found it recently.  The ability to attach to any Java program and profile the SQL going across JDBC. The dev team's blog on... [Read More]

SQLcl 17.2

New Versioning SchemeStarting with this release the numbering scheme is changed.  All releases will now be the YEAR<period>Quarter<period>build numbers.So the new SQLcl is  Breaking that down. 17   - Year2     - Quarter0     -  Patch number184 - Day in Julian0917 - hour and minute the build was... [Read More]