ORDS 17.3 Beta - Introducing REST enabled SQL

DownloadGot get it on the normal ORDS download pagehttp://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/rest-data-services/downloads/index.htmlVersioning First and most obvious is ORDS is now on the same versioning scheme as SQL Developer, SQLcl... [Read More]

SQLcl 17.2

New Versioning SchemeStarting with this release the numbering scheme is changed.  All releases will now be the YEAR<period>Quarter<period>build numbers.So the new SQLcl is  Breaking... [Read More]

Oracle REST Data Services and Docker

TL;DR1) check out https://github.com/krisrice/docker-ords-sqlcl-apex2) Download ORDS , SQLcl; optionally APEX3) Build w/DB connection detailsdocker build -t krisrice/ords:3.0.10 --build-arg DBHOST= --build-arg DBSERVICE=orcl --build-arg DBPORT=1521 --build-arg DBPASSWD=oracle .4)... [Read More]