Want to write an extension to SQL Developer but you only use Eclipse? There's a post on the forum about how to use Eclipse to write an extension to sql developer so I figured I'd put it here so it's not lost into the of the forum.

This is actually quite easy to setup. This can be checked by running the shell script with a -x, so bash -x sqldeveloper. This will show what is being executed

First make a run/debug configuration.

  1. Main Tab
    • Main Class: oracle.ideimpl.Main
    • Check the Include libraries when searching for a main class checkbox

  2. Arguments Tab
    • The paths in the VM arguments should be adjusted to your specifics. Also if there is a space in the paths they will have to quoted like "C:\Document and Settings\sqldeveloper...."

    • VM Arguments: -Dide.product=oracle.sqldeveloper -Dide.splash.screen=raptor-splash.gif -Xverify:none -Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -Dice.browser.forcegc=false -Dice.pilots.html4.tileOptThreshold=0 -DEDITOR_J2SE_VERSION=1.5 -DINSIGHT_OMIT_HIDDEN=true -Doracle.xdkjava.compatibility.version=9.0.4 -Dide.debug.controller.stack=false -Dceditor.java.parse.small=300 -Dceditor.java.parse.large=1500 -Dide.extension.cpmissing.nowarn=true -Dcompiler.vmargs=-mx512m -Djbo.debugoutput=silent -Djbo.showdebugwarningbanner=false -Dide.config_pathname=/home/klrice/sqldeveloper/jdev/bin/sqldeveloper.conf -Dide.startingcwd=/home/klrice/sqldeveloper/jdev/bin -Dide.user.dir=/tmp
    • Working directory: choose Other . Then enter the path to /jdev/bin

  3. Classpath Tab
    • Add the following ( all paths are relative to )
    • /ide/lib/ide.jar
    • /ide/lib/javatools.jar
    • /ide/lib/xmlparserv2.jar
    • /ide/lib/help4.jar
    • /ide/lib/share.jar
    • /ide/lib/javax-ide.jar

Now the run configuration is setup and ready to use. You should now be able to run and debug an extension.