We pushed the first EA of the new listener out this week. Give it a try here.  I'll be watching the Apex forum here for question people may have.

Here's a few things I forgot to put into the doc.

1) In the zip is a sample configuration file, apex-config.xml . This contains a short comment on each parameter.

2) To change the default location of the config file OR the cache location. Edit the WEB-INF/web.xml and change the config.dir or cache.dir. These can be absolute paths /u01/klrice/ or environment variables such as ${MY_CONFIG_DIR}

3) The apex exporter and splitter are in the apex.jar file. Simply run "java -jar apex.jar" The splitter is joined into the export so you can do both in one command.  If you've not tried the splitter yet here the flags for it.

    -split                 : Split the export file up into smaller pieces and creates an install.sql to run them all

    -flat                   : Normal -split make a directory structure.  This option will keep it flat.

    -update              : If you export and split over the one that was already done, this will generate an update.sql which is only the files that changed. 

    -nochecksum     : Normally if a split is done over another one, the splitter does a checksum on the files to only touch the files that changed.  This is very handy if you want to check into a source control only the things that change.  So, if the only change from yesterday's export to today's is page 50.  Then only page50.sql will get updated.

Also there's a -zip that didn't make it into the usage which zips up the split files