Another Listener EA was just posted. There's some fixes as well as some changes.  The biggest changes are the administration.

The biggest new thing is that the listner has 3 configuration/status URLs now.
1)  http://localhost/apex/listenerConfigure

    This is used for the first time setup only.  Once the listener is configured this URL it no longer accessible. Also there's a drop box to choose other connection choices like TNS and Advanced.  The on the Miscellaneous tab you can point to where your tns file is located.
2)  http://localhost/apex/listenerStatus

    This is used to view the status of the listener.  This includes how many connections are in the pool. How the cache is doing. What the response times are. Also what errors there are in the execution of the PL/SQL.

3)  http://localhost/apex/listenerAdmin

    This is the biggest change to what there was.  With the exception of the connection info, everything else is changable at runtime.  So if you want to try out some of the settings like security,cache,pre,port, or the jdbc pool itself you can change it without a restart.

Now to set these up there's security that needs to be enabled in the webserver which you have choosen.  We're working out a howto for all the webservers we'll support.  For now here's the tomcat instructions:

1) Edit tomcat-users.xml
2) Add these ( with more secure passwords! )
  <role rolename="Manager"/>
  <role rolename="Admin"/>
  <user username="apexStatus" password="status" roles="Manager"/>
  <user username="apexAdmin" password="admin" roles="Admin"/>