Monday we released the SQL Developer Datamodeler 3.0 EA .  Today the SQL Developer 3.0 EA is out.  There's lots of new things in this version. Here's a quick index to some of the larger features that have been added. There are also too many smaller things to list which include things like a Table API generator.  Some of the features have online demos already more are on the way.  I will continue to blog on some of the demos of the others.

  1. DBMS Scheduler -- Online Demo here
  2. DBA Functionality  -- Online Demo here
  3. Files and Version Control
  4. Migrations
  5. PDF
  6. PL/SQL Support
  7. Query Builder -- Online Demo here
  8. Schema Browser
  9. SQL Plus Commands
  10. Spatial
  11. Tuning
  12. Unit Testing
  13. Unloading and Uploading  -- Data Export / Import was renamed to be more accurately load/unload