The Database VM was just updated.  You can get it here:

Quick reminder that this VM is only-a-sandbox.  All passwords are oracle, for that an other reasons this is never to be used for any purposed other than a sandbox.

The main changes in this VM are:
- New OBEs!
- Upgraded DB to
- SQL Developer 3.0 EA3
- Application Express Listener 1.1
- Application Express 4.0.2
- Times Ten 11.2

Also, Todd suggested I outline the steps to create this VM incase other wanted to make a custom one.  These are my steps for this.  If anyone has better suggestions, please let me know and I can use that in the next revamp.

1) Use Default wizards for new VM with 1 drive for the OS.

2) Install OEL

3) Remove some things like printing to save space.

4) Install the VirtualBox tools

5) Create a 2nd harddrive for the database install.  I mount this new drive to /home/oracle.  Then add the oracle user with that has his home directory.

6) Next clean up some space before exporting the VM by running these commands:
    dd if=dev/zero of=/bigemptyfile
    dd if=dev/zero of=/oracle_mount/bigemptyfile
- This zeros out the unused space which I've found helps with the export sizes.

7) Remove those files.

8) Shutdown and Export the appliance.

9) Share with anyone who'd like it.

After this the result is what you see on OTN, a 4.3G download that is everything setup and configured.  The best thing about this is that the VM is a sandbox so when it's messed up for any reason.  Delete and Reimport the VM and it's back to square one.