There's a few more of the OTN Database Developer Day free training events coming up.

The first is next week in Reston,VA. This is the full four track event.  If you are able to make it, it's a great chance to talk to some of the development staff that run the event.  Mike Hichwa will be giving the keynote.

The agenda for this even can be found here:

The second and the most widely available is going to be on September 13th at 9am Pacific.  This  will be our first virtual one version of the event we've been doing live for over a year.  The virtual event is great for people that can't make it to the live ones.  You can register here:

The agenda for the day is here:

The lastly is a Database only track coming up on September 20th in Calgary.  For this day, we are only running the 1 track and it's database focused.  There's Application Express, Times Ten, XML DB, and of course SQL Developer and Modeler.

The agenda for this even can be found here:

As always, all these events use the Database App Development VM. If you've not heard of it before, it's a VM that we build which is preconfigured with all the software and material for most of the labs ( minus .NET and jdev )  It's an EE version of the database with Application Express 4 ( yes we're updating it ), SQL Devleoper and Modeler 3, Times Ten 11r2, the APEX Listener, and all the labs themselves.  Even if you can't make one of the events give the labs a try yourself but getting the VM from here: