Here's all the slides from ODTUG's Kscope12 DB Symposium which took place on Sunday.  The flow of the day was meant to be from a blank or reversed diagram in the modeler and the through deploying and tuning.

If you missed it, be sure to check out the slides it was a great set of speakers.  Be sure to check out the video referenced in Tom Kyte's talk.  Anyone that is using a connection pool where the knee jerk reaction to performance is to increase the size of the pool will find it useful.

SQL Developer Data Modeler  
    - Kris Rice, Oracle Corporation
SQL Developer  
    - Jeff Smith, Oracle Corporation
Continuous Integration with Database Projects 
    - Kris Rice, Oracle Corporation
How to "Tune" a Query 
    - Tom Kyte, Oracle Corporation
    - Referenced YouTube video from the talk
SQLDeveloper with Enterprise Manager: Integrating Changes from Developer to DBA 
    - Jagan Athreya, Oracle Corporation
Oracle Optimizer - Top Tips to get Optimal SQL Execution All the Time 
    - Maria Colgan, Oracle Corporation

Can't talk about how great kscope was without mentioning the Thirsty Games.  Team Dev Tools represented us very well.

Here's @thatjeffsmith v.  @martindsouza 

And here's Ashley Chen v. Barbara Morris