OTN is putting on a set of labs on Monday before the show that are FREE to anyone.  You can join David Peake from the Application Express team, Jeff Smith from the SQL Dev team, Maria Colgan from the Optimizer, and myself for the labs.

There's 2 rooms that will be running with the below agenda.  The first room is performance/optimizer focused.  Starting with Maria and the optimize then showing what tuning features are in SQL Develoer. The second will walk you from beginning to end of building an application. It starts in the SQL Developer Data Modeler then into SQL Developer, and finally building the application in Application Express.

Room TBD Room TBD
01:00:00 PM
How to prevent suboptimal execution plans

This session shows the process of analyzing and resolving the most common SQL execution performance problems including, poor cardinality estimations, bind peeking issues, selecting the wrong access method and more. You will learn how to identifying and quickly resolving these issues and develop a toolkit of queries and techniques to determine the root cause of any plan regression.

Re-engineering Your Database Using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.1

Learn how to use SQL Developer Data Modeler to import your database schema, make changes and generate the modified DDL.
02:00:00 PM

Testing and Debugging Procedures using SQL Developer 3.1

Learn how to run a script to update your database, review database objects in your database, create and debug a PL/SQL procedure and create an run a unit test in SQL Developer.
03:00:00 PM
Tune your SQL with the SQL Tuning Advisor

Learn about Optimizer Access Paths using Oracle SQL Developer

Working with Tuning Utilities in Oracle SQL Developer

This set of 3 tutorials shows you how to work with the tuning utilities in SQL Developer.

Building an Application using Oracle Application Express: Part 1

Learn how to use Application Express to load data into your database, create an application with a variety of page types (including a interactive report, calendar and data load wizard).
04:00:00 PM

Enhancing Your Oracle Application Express Application: Part 2

Learn how to enhance your Application Express application by switching to a different theme, creating a chart, dynamic actions, plug-ins and tabular form with a validation