In SQL Developer, Jeff has shown in many tips & tricks talks and here on his blog how to get data from any select into a few formats.  The most common I would say is csv.   Nothing here has changed. Well, almost.  What will be new is the html format is getting a facelift and a json format is being added neither are in the version of sdsql or sql developer that are on otn yet

    As expected all those "hint" work in sdsql as well.  What's new is there is a "set sqlformat" command so that all results come out in that format. So, all the same formats work : xml, html, delimited, insert, loader, fixed, text. Also there's a new one named ansiconsole which is described here.

  Now with the new things being added it could be easy to create a "build" script of sorts.  Combine this with the new ddl command into something like this

SQL>set sqlformat insert
SQL>spool my_build_script.sql
SQL>ddl emp
SQL>select * from emp;
SQL>apex export 101
SQL>spool off

What you would end up with out of this is a sql script with the ddl and data for emp and the Apex App export.  This script could then be checked in, given to a DBA, or even just for a nightly backup of sorts.