Oracle Database introduced JSON support.  This is supported in REST Data Services already and now in the latest SQLCL.  This means ORDS can serve up the access to client applications and developers can have a command line way to interact and test features/queries/... in a nut shell a shell for JSON document storage. To use this feature the database will be to have patch #20885778 applied.

[email protected] >soda


SODA allows schemaless application development using the JSON data model.
SODA create
Create a new collection

SODA list
List all the collections

SODA get <collection_name> [-all | -f | -k | -klist] [{<key> | <k1> <k2> ... > | <qbe>}]
List documents the collection
Optional arguments:
-all list the keys of all docs in the collection
-k list docs matching the specific
-klist list docs matching the list of keys
-f list docs matching the

SODA insert <collection_name> <json_str filename="">
Insert a new document within a collection

SODA drop <collection_name>
Delete existing collection

SODA count <collection_name> [<qbe>]
Count # of docs inside collection.
Optional <qbe> returns # of matching docs

SODA replace <collection_name> <oldkey> <new_ doc="" str="">
Replace one doc for another

SODA remove <collection_name> [-k | -klist |-f] {<key> | <k1> <k2> ... | <qbe>}
Remove doc(s) from collection
Optional arguments:
-k remove doc in collection matching the specific <key>
-klist remove doc in collection matching the list <key1> <key2> ... >
-f remove doc in collection matching <qbe>

[email protected] >

There's a lot in there for command so give them a try.  SODA is underpinned but tables with JSON data in them.  It's very easy to get going testing out the SODA features.  Here's a simple collection create, insert, and query.

[email protected] >soda create ODTUG
Successfully created collection: ODTUG

[email protected] >soda insert ODTUG {"content":"awesome"}
Json String inserted successfully.

[email protected] >soda insert ODTUG {"location":"chicago"}
Json String inserted successfully.

[email protected] >soda insert ODTUG {"best_of_week":"DB Symposium"}
Json String inserted successfully.

[email protected] >soda get ODTUG -f {"content":{"$startsWith":"a"}}

Key: 7A01B31EBD7C484C88F431B8871DD165
Content: {"content":"awesome"}
1 row selected.

JavaScript and SODA

Here's a quick example of using the SODA libraries from javascript.  Also in here is a new feature of scripting.  The javascript can be inlined into a sql script.  Notice that it's soda.sql <<< .sql that has javascript in it, let that sink in for a minute with the possibilities.

[email protected] >@soda.sql

Caffeinated SODA
Dropping the old
Created the old
Inserted Document
{ "name" : "Alex", "friends" : "50" }

[email protected] >!cat soda.sql

ctx.write('Caffeinated SODA \n');

var OracleRDBMSClient = Java.type("oracle.soda.rdbms.OracleRDBMSClient");
var OracleDataSource = Java.type('oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource');
var cl = new OracleRDBMSClient();
var db = cl.getDatabase(conn);

ctx.write("Dropping the old\n")
var foo = db.admin().createCollection("foo");
ctx.write("Created the old\n")
foo = db.admin().createCollection("foo");

var doc = db.createDocumentFromString("{ \"name\" : \"Alex\", \"friends\" : \"50\" }");
ctx.write("Inserted Document\n")


var f = db.createDocumentFromString(JSON.stringify( {"name" : { "$startsWith" : "A" }}));
var c = foo.find().filter(f).getCursor();

while (c.hasNext()) {
cDoc =;
ctx.write(cDoc.getKey() + "\n");


[email protected]>

Gory Details of the release

Someone asked about change logs for these SQLCL updates.  Here's a filtered version of the gory details