Hopefully by now everyone knows there's the ability in SQLcl to use Javascript and the same javascript can be used to make custom commands extending what SQLcl offers out of the box.

Also, I hope everyone knows we are posting examples of this to github as a base for anyone to learn and try it out.  Just in case here's the link to the GitHub location https://github.com/oracle/oracle-db-tools/tree/master/sqlcl

The last example I did was for ApexExport which took the tried and true ApexExporter java utility that ships with Apex and converted it to JavaScript. http://krisrice.blogspot.com/2016/10/export-apex-application-with-sqlcl.html

One of first questions was from Vito about an import counterpart.

Here's that counterpart which is leveraging apex_application_install for setting options to be used. This screenshot is showing loading the command straight from github which I wouldn't recommend if there is ever a need to be offline using the command.  There's a Download/Clone button right on the github space home page then all the file are local and be used anytime regardless of network connectivity.

When the command is called it echos out all the options being used. In the case of multiple workspaces and none being specified right or wrong it's going to use this sql to determine which to use:
  select min(workspace_id) wsID  from  apex_workspace_schemas where schema = user

If that's not correct, no problems just pass in -workspaceid

KLRICE@orcl >apximp  -file f102.sql -offset 123 -name Kris -alias rice  -installSupportingObjects
*** KLRICE ***
** Importing with the following options **
Application Alias :rice
Workspace ID :1930920493850173
Application Name :Kris
Offset :123

The script is here: