I just updated the files out on esdev.sf.net.
Here's the changes in the export to Excel:

  • Print column names into a frozen row
  • Now it can be canceled
  • Remembers last file
  • Number are truely number in the cells

There's also some new stuff around snippets.

I've added the ability to hightligh some text in the worksheet and save it as a snippet so it can be easily referenced later. It's pretty simple take as you will see

First select the text to be saved in the worksheet.

Now give it a name , category and description.

Now use it.

This will save the file into ~/.snippets.xml

This file is added different than my previous blog on snippets. It uses

This call could be used by other extensions to add custom snippets more easily.

There's a similar call to add reports by bunlding an xml compliant file to your jar file