Ok if the name had stayed raptor the title would have made more sense.

As Brian Duff and Eddie Awad and Andrew Clarke have all stated SQL Developer is finally gone 1.0.

The interest as truely amazed me. The first code checkins were early September. From then we demoed in Chuck and Andy's keynotes as well as did numerous demos in the demo pods stealing time from the migrations and apex pods. In under 6 months, we have made or 1.0 release available with 7 early access releases which started December 27th.

Here's some quick stats on the tool up thru yesterday.

  • Over 80,000 Downloads
  • Over 140 countries ( 72% of countries in the world have downloaded and according to Number of Countries )
  • 94% Windows , 5% linux and 0.6% Mac OSX

Another thing that surprised me was that there were 2 extensions written which we were still in an EA status. First was georaptor followed by Fourth Elepant's Insider for SQL Developer

Here's some of the press coverage

Well now we're on to 1.1 planning but that doesn't mean we'll be silent. I almost have a SQL Developer Studio done which will allow for 3rd parties to register extensions, define reports , snippets and who know what else I can get squeezed in. I'll keep the examples coming as well as any updates I can share.