I got a question on twitter from @goryunov about how to do drill down reports.  I plan on doing a few posts on reports since so much of the dialogs have changed.  That make this the first of a few blogs on reports.

Step 1.  Right click on the User Defined Reports and choose New Report

Step 2. Create a "Departments" report by naming it and entering the SQL.  This dialog has drastically changed from what was in the previous versions.  More on that later.

Step 3. Create a "Employees By Department" report.  This report will use a bind variable from the Departments report which is the DEPARTMENT_ID column from the query.

Step 4. Now edit the Departments report and choose the Drill Down item in the left options.  Click "Add Report"  This makes a new row in the table.  The Name part is whatever name you like.  The second will be a drop list of all reports in the tool.  In this case, I scrolled down and choose my "Employees By Departments" report which is using the bind variable.

Step 5. That's all there is to it. Now when I run the Departments report there's a new menu option for all drillable reports defined in Step 4.

Step 6.  When I choose that menu option, the values require are passed along.