After showing the new Schema Diff in SQL Developer 3.1 @ddelmoli asked about separate files per object diff instead of the monolith file of all changes.  In the next EA when it comes out, you'll get prompted for what kind of file(s) to make if any at all.  There's several new options

1. Single File - what's there now, 1 file with everything

Along with the 1 file per object is a generated file which runs all the files.
2. Separate Files - 1 file per object

3. Type Files - 1 file per type i.e. tables.sql,views.sql,...

4. Separate Directories - 1 directory for each object type with

5. Worksheet - A new worksheet is created and the sql is put in.

6. Clipboard - As it suggests, straight into the clipboard for pasting into anything else.

Please check out the exchange and log any requests you may have.  We do listen !