Got a question on how easy it is to use ORDS to perform insert | update | delete on a table.  Here's the steps.

1) Install ORDS ( cmd line or there's a new wizard in sqldev )

2) Enable the schema and table in this case klrice.emp; ( again there's a wizard in sqldev )


p_schema => 'KLRICE',
p_url_mapping_type => 'BASE_PATH',
p_url_mapping_pattern => 'klrice',
p_auto_rest_auth => FALSE);

p_schema => 'KLRICE',
p_object => 'EMP',
p_object_type => 'TABLE',
p_object_alias => 'emp',
p_auto_rest_auth => FALSE);



3) Check the catalog.  Everything enabled will be in the catalog wether they be auto-enabled tables or lovingly crafted ones.  For this case, we can see /emp/ is there

4) Do work.  Here I'm inserting a new record.  The PK is referenced in the URI and in the JSON doc.  Notice the http method here is a PUT and that the content type is set to application/json.

5) The results.  It worked

6) Now for doing an update.

7) The results is that the response back from ORDS is the correct values.

8) Now go show the people hand coding REST what took 1 plsql block to enable !